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If employee benefits are not properly managed, then your business is at risk for thousands of dollars in Federal and State fines, and this could open you up to potential lawsuits, many of which average $100,000 per incident.


Potential Issues Without Proper Management Advantages of Health Benefits Compliance
If Employee Benefits are managed without discipline, your business is at risk of large potential payouts for lack of Insurance Coverage that is mandated by law. As Summit Risk Management continually audits your employee benefits packages, you'll see monthly reports knowing that you are fully compliant.
There is a great deal of potential for lawsuits if the management of your employee benefits is left to chance. These can be extremely damaging to a business. When Summit Risk Management is reviewing all your documentation for legal issues on a regular basis, you can function comfortably knowing that an expert review has been conducted.
The Federal Government can impose painful fines to a business for lack of compliance with Health Insurance Benefits. They can also take legal action that will cause work stoppage in extreme cases. When we help you to obtain the seal of approval from the Federal Government on your Health Care and Employee Benefits, it will allow you to function more smoothly and keep your business producing.

Vision Insurance
Helping employees to maintain healthy eyes and allowing for potential discounts on contact lenses and eyeglasses for them and their families. 
Dental Insurance
Providing your staff with lower costs on expensive procedures like root canals, bridges, and preventative services like dental cleanings. 

Medical Insurance
We can ensure that your medical insurance is compliant for Federal and State laws. You can also request premium healthcare services for your employees. 
Supplemental Insurance
We can help your employees to setup other insurance benefits that are supplemental to your core healthcare plan to provide extra coverage.