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Three out of five businesses are sued by an employee or former employee.

Reduce exposure to litigation issues. We provide professional and effective training tools that reduce costs along with strong insurance protection.

Protection against these top risk factors:

- Sexual harassment
- Discrimination
- Work related injury
- Healthcare compliance issues
- Workplace safety issues
- OSHA compliance
- Training and certification

What is employment Risk.

A company's employment risk is any risk associated with the internal workings of the company. This risk can include lawsuits by employees, health care deductibles, etc. Average costs from a lawsuit alone can exceed $100,000 for a company with fewer than 100 employees. Any court judgement can also reach $300,000 with aproximately $200,000 in legal fees. Fifteen percent of companies will actually face a lawsuit for aproximately $1 million plus legal fees. 

If a company is lucky enough to settle outside of court, they still face, on average, a loss of $90,000 plus any legal fees.

How to prevent this.

Prevent these extreme losses by having an insurance plan that covers the needs of your company. Protect yourself and your company by becoming knowledgable about what your company would likely be held liable for. When selecting an insurance plan, select a deductible and premium that is affordable and reasonable for your company.

How summit can help.

Summit can help by assessing the risk factor of your company in detail. Our experience will help pinpoint otherwise overlooked areas of risk. Once the risk audit is completed, Summit will discuss the needs of the company with various insurance companies. Summit will take all of the guess work and footwork out of getting insurance. After consulting witht he various insurance companies, Summit will pick a plan we feel is best for your company. Usually, small companies looking for an insurance plan will be presented with a variety of bundles that include things they don't need. With Summit's insurance connections and experience, we can focus an insurance plan only on what you need and get the best coverage for it at the best price. Call us today and prevent extreme costs in the future.