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Don’t take your chances managing the hazards of a business on your own; let us take care of it so you can enjoy the benefits of having your own business.

Here at Summit Risk Management, every enterprise we have run a corporate risk audit for has rejoiced in the newly found freedom to work on other, more fulfilling tasks.

 We are an enterprise risk management company whose job is to ease the administrative burden of insurance.

Summit’s job is to ensure that you choose the best insurance plan for your company. Many people usually aren’t aware of the many things they have power over when choosing and signing up for insurance. It is our job to know those specific details and we want to pass the benefits on to you. The better insured you are, the easier it is to manage the risk of your enterprise and the less money you spend on deductibles. With good coverage you don’t have to spend hours to days on insurance litigation from an injury that could have easily been prevented.

We come to your business and run a corporate risk audit to be better informed about all hazards of your unique business.

When you call us, we assess the potential risks associated with your company by running a corporate risk audit. Once the corporate risk audit is completed we know the potential risk factors and can offer solutions of how to best minimize that risk. We then speak with insurance companies and determine the best plan with the best premium for your company. We can also help you make the distinction between the risk you’re responsible for as a company and what you’re not.

When you manage your risk as an enterprise with our corporate risk audit, you will discover a lot of time you didn’t have before.

Our enterprise risk management system enables business owners to focus on other things. When you call us, you will realize all of the extra work you were doing isn’t necessary anymore. Summit will manage all of that work now which will reduce the stress associated with time consuming insurance litigation and managing a business at the same time. With Summit, we reduce the amount of litigation by better managing the potential risk of the enterprise, and we take care of whatever leftover insurance issues arise.

With the extra time and relaxation available after consulting us, you as business owner can focus on tasks that will help expand your business. By contacting us, you’re giving your business a chance to expand and grow rather than staying constant.