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Risk management is a necessity for any business in Utah. Proper risk management programs and training will help your company eliminate and reduce the likelihood of costly lawsuits, government fines, loss to property, etc. and other risks that can negatively affect business profits and performance.

Summit Risk Management is a leading provider in Utah of risk management programs and services. With companies facing increasingly exposures and risks, we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours develop preventative policies, procedures, and training that will save you money in the long run.

Why is risk management important?
Three out of five businesses will be sued or will have a complaint filled against them by a current or former employee. The average cost to a business for one of these lawsuits is $300,000 in legal awards to the prosecutor and over $128,000 in legal costs. However, comprehensive risk management programs can help many Utah employers minimize the risks of such a lawsuit.

Risk management programs can help Utah businesses be protected from workplace accidents or events such as fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. We also work to minimize legal risks like fraud, sexual harassment, discrimination and other lawsuits. Summit Risk Management also assesses company business practice risks, financial market uncertainty, credit risks and more.

What Summit Risk Management can do for your company
Here at Summit Risk Management, we know that no two businesses are alike and understand the value of custom and quality analysis of companies' risks. We work to help Utah companies identify, assess and prioritize their risks and develop comprehensive risk management programs to help your company minimize the likelihood of loss.

A risk management from Summit will help your Utah company maintain a successful and respected company. We work to help employers protect their employees, as well as their physical and financial assets.


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