What is your TRUE cost of risk?

The true cost or impact of risk affects your business, your employees, your customers, your investors and your future. Often business owners focus only on insurance as a way to mitigate operational exposure. However, there is much more to risk management then just securing an insurance policy.

Redefine your risk. Redefine your FUTURE.
Whatever your future goals may be, we can help you achieve them. By redefining your exposure to litigation, government compliance, and workplace injuries/illness, we'll open the door to progress and significantly improve the safety, sustainability and profitability of your organization.



*Summit Insurance is not liable for lawsuits against what insurance covers in Salt Lake or Utah. All general liability and commercial property insurance contracts clearly state all damages that are covered. General Liability insurance plans only cover small businesses. All commercial property is required to hold commercial property insurance by law.

When is the best time to evaluate risk?
Taking the time to identify and evaluate risk is usually not on the top of business owners "To do" list. It can often be overwhelming and frustrating. The IMPACTRisk System automates and simplifies this process, with the end goal of providing you peace of mind knowing that every rock has been over turned. The best time to evaluate and mitigate risk is BEFORE the disaster, lawsuit, injury, or government audit occurs.

Short of having a crystal ball, the real answer to the question of "when is the best time to evaluate risk" is....well...TODAY.

You never know what is about to hit you until it does. You have worked so hard to build your business, and increase revenues. Don't let the lack of doing a thorough review potentially destroy what you have worked to build. With Summit Risk Management & Insurance and our IMPACTRisk System you will have available tools and expert advice to quickly identify and mitigate your risk.

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You've faced your CHALLENGES head on.
Now it's time to do the same with your risk. You've taken a lot of chances to get to where you are today. And, with all the business changes and new regulations, the biggest exposure your business faces now... is not knowing or understanding these factors and their potential impact to your bottom line.

Sometimes INSURANCE COVERAGE just isn't enough to take care of all your exposure. Protecting your business requires a strategy that considers more than just insurance covered issues. The IMPACTRisk System is designed to protect what you have worked so hard to build.
Results drive everything that we do.

Just like you, we are results oriented. You will find that we are focused on generating positive outcomes for our clients.